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    <p> market operation, complementary advantages, win-win situation, to promote the coordinated development. Beijing and Langfang will become national and global e-commerce Heights.</p>

    <p> the need to find new space, their regional headquarters, logistics, support will first go to Langfang. When conditions are ripe, there may be some electricity providers headquarters will be transferred in the past. Future, Beijing and Langfang in e-commerce should be no distinction. Therefore, the Beijing electricity business gradually attracted to Langfang. Beijing headquarters of the regional electricity supplier companies in Langfang, Langfang flow of factors of electricity providers, but also to promote the Langfang electricity supplier and with the development of Beijing.& Gt; & gt; on the GoalDaxing online retail will reach 200 billionBeijing Times: In the "Thirteen Five" period, the development of electronic commerce in Daxing District What is the goal?Yu Huafeng: Our overall goal "Thirteen Five" period was "around two core Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and the airport economic zone.</p>

    <p> in order to e-commerce and real economic integration promoted by the main line to the development of the whole industry chain of e-commerce characteristics, accelerate the construction of e-commerce headquarters gathering center, demonstration center, technology innovation and management innovation center of the central area, the CED (Beijing E-Commerce Center area) to fight the Chinese e-commerce has led demonstrative strong influence area.Specifically, include: first, the proportion of above-scale enterprise e-commerce applications to reach more than 90%; Second, e-commerce network retail sales reached 200 billion yuan; third, foster cross-border e-commerce business model 10, the formation of import and export scale capacity of 500 billion yuan; fourth, building an exemplary incubator and public a space 20; fifth, innovative e-commerce business incubator 1000; sixth, e-commerce industry for New contribution rate of over 6% GDP.& Gt; & gt; talk about developmentE-commerce will become the world's HighlandsBeijing Times: how to break both the e-commerce industry development problems?Yu Huafeng: Beijing a lot of e-commerce businesses, but generally face a problem: subject of space, logistics, warehousing Beijing is the biggest bottleneck in the development of e-commerce businesses. The Langfang just has a strong spatial advantage to plan construction of logistics warehousing base. Meanwhile, Langfang cost advantage is very obvious, which for the development of e-commerce enterprises in Daxing is also a huge advantage. Conversely, Daxing talent, complete industrial chain will also complement the development of e-commerce industry short board Langfang insufficient elements.Therefore, the cooperation simply, addresses the need for Beijing electricity supplier development, while driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises Langfang. In addition, the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin is currently in the development plan, the target is also being studied. But according to the direction from the government to promote.</p>

    <p> Tianjin Industrial Development Strategy in the first breakthrough in the field of electronic commerce, will bring more commercial enterprises in the context of Beijing, Tianjin, accelerate industrial layout, optimizing the allocation of resources, expanding market space to achieve a win-win business bigger and stronger regional integration and development, and become a model for regional synergy Chinese e-commerce development.Beijing Times: Why did you choose Langfang Hing joint development of e-commerce industry?Yu Huafeng: By sending my two months in Langfang understanding, the two sides each have advantages of e-commerce development, Beijing has personnel and other advantages, Langfang space, location, labor cost advantages. Therefore, the two sides negotiated the agreement. In addition, Langfang regional advantages are not available elsewhere, it is the core area of Beijing, Tianjin, Beijing, Tianjin and three can radiate to the development of the electricity supplier is important. In addition, the new airport building occupied both sides of the land, the airport is also very obvious economic advantages.& Gt; & gt; talk layoutBeijing is not a simple transfer of electricity suppliersJinghua Times: Does that mean that this cooperation will be gradually transferred Beijing business enterprise?Yu Huafeng: not a simple transfer concept, collaboration and development, to play their respective advantages and common development. All the electricity supplier not turn away, to the Langfang then, it is not so simple.Currently in Beijing, part of the electricity supplier,abercrombie france, development continues to expand.</p>


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